Finally! The last Bromo KOM Challenge, which was held on 14 March 2020, was the last mass start event before the pandemic. Over 1.500 participants took the 100 km journey from Surabaya to Wonokitri, climbing almost 2.000 meters.

And now, Indonesia's most challenging --some say mystical-- event is back. Bromo KOM Challenge 2022, organized by Azrul Ananda School of Suffering (AA SoS) and, will be held on 21 May 2022.

The event will be almost the same as before. But the number of participant will be more limited. As we are still on the steps toward leaving this pandemic. We are happy to say 1.000 cyclists will be accepted. On the other side, we are sad to say we cannot accept more.

The route will be the same. The peloton will ride together from Surabaya on a flat route to Pasuruan (around 60 km). After a short rest, the participants will be divided into their class and age group. The official KOM will start around 25 km from the top. The first to reach Wonokitri will be crowned the winner.

For those who do not want to race, don't worry. You can climb at your own comfortable pace. But you do have to finish within the time limit. In the last edition, the time limit is four hours after passing the KOM Start gate.

We would like to say thank you to all that supported this event in the past. And we are so happy that we will be back this year. We hope you are excited too. See you on the starting line in May!


Azrul Ananda