Get Yourself Ready for Kediri Dholo KOM 2021

Finally, after over a year of wait, we are back with a new cycling event! Kediri Dholo KOM Challenge 2021 will be a fun but challenging event, being held in two days, 4-5 December 2021.

For the first day, the peloton will ride together from Surabaya to Kediri, taking a slight detour along the way to experience the lower slopes of Mount Kelud. And then, on the final day, the true challenge begins! Starting in Kediri, participants will race to the peak of Dholo just outside town. The distance is only 40 km, but the total elevation gain will reach over 1.500 meter. The final 5 km will be very challenging, with slopes reaching 20 percent gradient!
On that peak, we will celebrate the inaugural winner of the KOM Challenge.

This, of course, is our first official event since the pandemic began over a year ago. We are not back to normal yet. So for this one, we will enforce a stricter health and safety protocols. The number of participants will be more limited, all must undergo health protocols, including swab test before picking up their racepacks. All participants will also stay in the same bubble, staying in the same hotels throughout the event. It may be a little inconvenient, but we need to do this to make sure everyone is safe. Most importantly, this will set a proper standard for future events in Indonesia.

Registration for Kediri Dholo KOM Challenge 2021 starts on 27 May 2021, online at

See you at the start line and in the bubble! Prepare yourself well and stay safe!